Tequila Neck Pourf

So there's this concept of the neck pour, which means that the first sip or two from your bottle tastes different from the rest of the bottle because this has so little oxygen. So we're going to test this.





We're going to do this new G4 108, which is a high proof G4 Blanco. We're going to try it now, and then we're going to try it again the next time we shoot videos. Okay.

That's a good sound.

It is. It's fairly light, but again, that's sort of the idea, right? Because it has no oxygen in it that instantly it's kind of tight.

It's not incredibly strong.

You can already get that little black pepper mineral characteristic of this tequila, though.

Oh my goodness! That's hot!


Yeah! I mean, besides the fact that it's like kind of peppery at the beginning, it's actually very good and very smooth.

It's delightful. It is very peppery. But again, it'll be interesting to see how that changes after the balance of this gets some more air and it'll be probably three or four weeks before we try this again.

It's been three weeks and we're testing the Neck Pour theory. We've got new outfits, even a new set.


So we're back here with the G4 108 Blanco. Let's give it a shot.

All right! Where last time, it was very light on the nose. Uh-huh! I mean, it's definitely a stronger smell now.

I agree! Yeah.

That's really good. Still hot, but not as hot as I remember it being at the beginning.

I agree. I feel like it's more harmonious now. It just feels a little more organized in my mouth. And so I would say... I mean, clearly there's a difference. Right? This whole idea of does a neck pour matter? I think the answer is for sure. Yeah! Now, is it better because it has more oxygen? I kind of think yes.

I agree, yeah. I think I like this better because, first of all, I don't love when it's really hot, and I think this is less hot than it was before. It's dangerous to evaluate a tequila when you just crack it, pour it because it's not at its best, right? You've got to give it a little time. There's something to this neck pour theory.

I agree! All right.


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