Tequila Ocho's New Bottles

So, Tequila Ocho changed their bottles. Former packaging, it's nice and everything, but you can see all these brands have almost identical bottles. A lot of differences between the old Tequila Ocho bottle and the new one, including the glass itself.

- Yeah, the glass has a hand-blown feel.

- Then they changed the labeling. The logo is bigger than it used to be. They also have a little bit more information about each of the tequilas. One of the things that Ocho does that almost nobody else does is they do the single estate, single rancho. This one is Corralillos. And so this part is a little smaller than it used to be down here. I think this was a little confusing for folks, so they reduced the size.

- Yeah, I love this.

- And their seal in there just looks more.

- And I love that this is raised a little bit and has a lip because it's so easy to pop off. I love that. And then the back also is much more clean on their new ones.

- I think I like the new one better. You?

- Yeah, I think I do too.

- But I've heard from some people they like the old version better. So what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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