Tequila of the Month - Alma del Jaguar

Here's a tequila that needs to be in your collection.

It's Alma del Jaguar.

A part of the proceeds of this tequila go towards supporting the Wild Jaguars south of Tucson, where I went to school in Sonoran.

Bottles, labels, corks, everything is recycled, which is awesome too.

It's a really nice tequila too. They have a very unusual process, a mixture of batches, even different kinds of yeasts in each of these. So there's really no other tequila that tastes just like this out there.

Yeah, the Blanco is super complex but also still really easy to drink. There's a lot of like citrus and white pepper notes in it.

This Reposado is a mixture of American and French oak. It's very easy sipping on lots of delicious kind of butterscotch-y vibes in here a lot.

Yep. And this is our tequila of the month for February.

It sure is. Pricing is super reasonable as well. And of course it's additive-free.

Alma del Jaguar.

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