Tequila of the Month - Authentico Tequila

Our tequila of the month this month for March is Authentico, co-owned by the distillery in Mexico, and a great family out of Chicago. I think this tequila like checks all the boxes.

I mean, pretty much we've got additive-free, USDA organic, sustainable.

Reasonably priced.

Yeah, reasonably priced.

Especially for organic tequila because organic agaves are pricey.

Yes, they are.

This Blanco is great for mixing. Drink it straight as well, but it's really great for mixers.

Say the Reposado is probably one of my favorite Reposados. And it's very reasonably priced, which I, of course, appreciate.

And then the Cristalino is also delicious and reasonably priced.

If you really like more of a bourbon style reposado, this is probably not your guy. But if you like less aggressive reposados, this is a great choice. I love this brand. Reasonably priced, organic, additive-free, doing things the right way.

Special deal right now. Free shipping if you buy direct, check out the bio for the link.

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