Tequila of the Month - El Bandido Yankee

This is our Tequila of the Month for April.

- El Bandido Yankee.

- This brand is kind of a magic trick. They kind of do all the things right. Additive-free, made at NOM 1107, one of the oldest distilleries in Mexico.

-Yep. Also an amazing female master distiller and very fair pricing on all three of these expressions.

- Super affordable. They oxygenate their tequilas a lot, which really rounds it off, takes out a lot of the bite. So for people that don't like really, really strong agave flavors, a lot of pepper, this is an excellent brand to choose from. You can find it on stores in Illinois, California, Arizona, Missouri, Colorado, a few other states, but...

- We have a super special e-commerce deal right now. Check out the caption to see what that is! El Bandido Yankee is our Tequila of the Month for April. Check it out!

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