Tequila of the Month: Espanita

Maddie, it's the tequila of the month!

it is!

Let's go!


Such a wide range of expressions. You've got your Blanco, your Reposado, they have a Double Barrel Reposado, which is put in wood twice.



It's delicious. Let's actually try that right now while we're thinking about it. And then they've got these flavored tequilas as well, which are all naturally made.

They actually infuse the fruit into the tequila like for weeks. And so these colors, this is the lime, grapefruit, pineapple these colors are actually all natural just from the infused...

Oh, yeah.

Yum. Ooh.



Very cinnamony.

Uh huh.

It's lovely. Really nice. This man, it's good. This is for December, right? Because like by the fire, right? Like yeah.

Definitely colder weather. Yeah, it's nice.

That's the...

the double barrel. This is the pineapple infused. 35% ABV

Wow, that's good.

That's really pineapple-ey.

You can really taste the pineapple.

Like you can make a piña colada with this. You can make like all the tropical drinks. That's delicious.


We've tried these two before, the grapefruit and the lime, also amazing. The other thing I liked about this brand, super reasonably priced.

Oh, yeah.

Like really affordable, and that's one of the reasons it's the Tequila of the Month for December.

We got a special deal going on this tequila right now.


Tequila of the Month.

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