Tequila of the Month: Kokoro

KOKORO Spirits Plata. We love this KOKORO Plata, Silver Blanco. What a cool gift, right? I mean this has got to be like one of the coolest bottles out there and I love gifting this tequila because it looks so amazing on your bar and then also contains really great juice. Additive free, exceptionally well-made.


We've got a super great deal on this tequila as well. It's just so crisp.

It smells really nice.

Yeah. It's just like clean and pure. This kind of smells like, like rainwater almost, you know, with a little bit of a character. Yeah.


That's got a lot of sweetness to it.

Yeah, it does.

It finishes really, really nice too.

It's interesting combo because it's, it definitely has that agave forward tequila flavor, but still very easy to drink. Not a lot of burn. A lot of people will love this. Yes. It doesn't have a lot of pepper. I really like it. It's a great Blanco.

Yeah. Really nice. And it looks really cool. If you haven't tried the KOKORO, give it a shot.

Again, we've got a special offer right now. KOKORO Plata.


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