Tequila + Rose = Inspiro Rosa Reposado!

Is this the best rosa tequila in the world?

Inspiro Rosa Reposado.

They actually aged this tequila, 2, 3, 4 months, something like that, in French rosé wine barrels.



Most of the brands out there making sort of the pink tequila are aging it in wine barrels. This is actually in rosé barrels. This is like 77, something like that.


All female owned brand, female master distiller as well.

I like the smell on that. You went straight to taste it. Yeah.

It smells really good.

It's very distinct, too. You don't smell tequilas like this because it's such a unique aging process and barreling process. It's really subtle and nice. It doesn't smell like incense.

Yeah, it's a really beautiful blend of the rosé and the tequila, which is like two of my favorite drinks. So I...

This is right up your alley, yeah. I think you're the target audience for this tequila. Very approachable combination of flavors. Just a little kiss of sweetness. Actually less sweet than I would have thought.

I agree. Yeah.

Yeah. To me, it's a little bit one dimensional.

Oh, I really like it. It got like a tiny bit of maybe pepperyness in it, which I don't always love, but I think this is really tasty.

Yep! Additive-free too. I think I'm going to go 7. I like it.

Okay! And I'm going to go 8.

Hey, look at you go!

Could even be like maybe an 8.5.

8.5! Something like that for Maddie. Inspiro Rosa Reposado.

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