Tequila Shopping in Dallas


Hey, I'm in Dallas today, the Big D. Let's see what kind of tequila they've got at Pogo's. Super impressed with the selection here at Pogo's. They have all the Ciertos, some Siete Leguas, little Batch Nueveuno, Montagave on the shelves, which is amazing. Atanasios, a bunch of Terraltas, a bunch of Suertes down here, including the high proof, Arette, Cimarron, all the Tapatios, Codigo, Mijenta, Santanera, El Tesoro, Cazcanes. Look at this lineup of Fuente Secas. Don't see that every day. Wild common, amazing. Gran Dovejo, Arette Suave. Look at all the Arte Noms lined up as well. Volans for days. La Pulga, they're a Texas brand. The Siempre Vivo. Incredible, incredible tequila. Wow, this place is the real deal. Fair prices as well, and a super knowledgeable staff. I watched them educate a couple of customers just a minute ago, and they know what's up here at Pogo's. 

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