Tequila Tonic Cocktail Recipe

Let's say you're having a spa day, but you also want a tequila cocktail. What do you do? You make the fancy lady tequila tonic.

We got a little ice in these glasses. We're going to spank some mint here. Spank that. Get your spanking on. Spank this mint. Yep. Going to drop that in there.



Okay. Okay. Then we're going to add some delicious blanco from our Gran Legado de Vida. Got navita. Oh my gosh. It smells so good already. So good. Going to top this with the Q Elderflower Tonic, which is delish. Give it a little stir. Go for it. All right. Add your cucumber. Right on top. There you go. Thanks.

All right, let's try it. Okay. Cheers. The Elderflower.. Refreshing. Yeah, the Elderflower. Oh, man. The bitterness of it and everything. With the cucumber and the mint. Ohh. Wow, that's really nice. That's delicious. You get these glasses on the TequilaJayBaer.com website as well.

Fancy lady tequila tonic cocktail. You saw how fast we made that. You should make one too.

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