A Free Tool to Understand Tequila Better!

Do you struggle to describe what you smell or taste in your tequila? -Some people will say apples or lemongrass. -They're going to say green pepper, hay.

Maybe lilac.

Dirty socks sometimes even. Look, we want to make this easier for you, so grab the brand-new revised tequila aroma and flavor chart that we made. If you circle different flavors and aromas on this, it will help you identify compounds more easily.

Yeah, it really works. So I have this Cazcanes Reposado. I think I get some cooked agave.


Caramel. Cinnamon, where's it? Cinnamon.

Cinnamon, there you go! Just like that. Just pick up, find three, circle, get into the habit of doing it, and it will make it so much easier for you. We're going to give this to you for nothing. Just go to the direct message, just DM me the word 'chart.' 'Chart.' Just DM 'chart.' We'll send it to you. Enjoy!

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