Thank You for 2 Great Years of Tequila Education!

Happy birthday to the channel. Two years.

Two years.

Two years we're doing this. And like we, there's no plan. We just started making videos two years ago, 440 videos later. It is like a whole thing.

It's kind of crazy.

I made 9 videos and then I'm like, I need Maddie. And so, 430, she's been doing this as well, so huge thank you to everybody who spends time, like watching our dumb videos. It's like amazing.

It's just like a fun little hobby that turned into this whole thing.

Yeah. Now we're like, in Mexico, we've got so many great friends down there. And the community of tequila producers is like so amazing. We've met so many cool people. And it's just extraordinary. We really thank everybody for the opportunity to be a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny part of your life. And anytime you need anything, let Maddie know. Absolutely. All right, let's do it. Ready? 1, 2, 3. Cheers. Cheers.

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