The Truth About Tequila Additives

Do you know what's in your tequila?

Probably not. Probably not, because, probably not, because the regulations permit tequila makers to add up to 1% of additives in their tequila.



Now those are called Abocantes in Mexico, and they can include sweeteners, they can include oak extract, they can include caramel coloring to make it look darker, and glycerin.

Additives aren't harmful, but they're often used to make lower quality tequilas, seem higher quality, be sweeter, or look older.

None of this has to actually be disclosed on the tequila bottle label. The good news, however, is that there's a big movement, especially here in the US, towards additive-free tequilas. And choosing additive-free tequilas, which include...

agave, water, and yeast. The Tequila Matchmaker app has a list on the app of dozens and dozens and dozens of additive-free tequilas. And our friends at have a great selection of additive-free tequilas that you can get shipped right to your door.

Yeah, check out the link in our bio. Promo code "Jay" to save 10%.

Choose additive-free. We do.

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