The Ultimate Tequila and Mezcal Sampler: SpiritCo



The ultimate tequila and mezcal sampler.

Check this out! It is 12 little vials here. It's like being at the drugstore with booze.


Look at this, back shelf down here, 12 different samples and like pretty cool. So it's a great gift, right?

So like Father's Day, or even if somebody just like is just getting into agave spirits want to like a little sampler, compare and contrast, so there's some great stuff in here.

I was going to say, there's some good brands. We've got like Tapatio, G4, Ocho, Don Fulano.

El Tequileño, Arette, and then some good mezcals as well. It's really cool, and I love the packaging as well. It ships from the UK, so because of the shipping, it's a little pricey.

It ends up being about $10 per sample, but you really can't get something like this put together any other way. So I think it's really neat, especially for like tastings and educational events and gifts, it's cool.

Yeah, it's a great, great gift.

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