Tierra De Ensueno Blanco Review

Are two master distillers better than one?

- We're going to find out. This is the new blanco-only brand for now, Tierra De Ensueño.

- Yep, NOM 1580 in Los Altos. It is additive-free.

- $65, something like that for the Blanco, which is a little up there, but it's really well made. We talked about sort of two participants. Sergio Cruz, who's usually a Vivanco, is a master distiller. Oscar Velasquez is the master blender. Why do they need a blender for a Blanco?

- It is aged for 14 days in bourbon cask. We're starting to see that a little bit more. Brands are actually aging their blancos because it does add just a little kiss of flavor and a little kiss of color. And this is also a little bit higher proof. It's 42. Whoa!

- Very agave.

- Holy cow! That is agave. That's a blanco nerd's tequila right there.

- Yeah, it is.

- Yep.

- This is right up your alley.

- It sure is. Agave, white pepper, lemon grass, a little citrus over the top. I'm guessing it's a little too agave forward for you.

- It is a little bit, but I still like it. It's just not going to be like my first pick.

- And that is progress because at one point, like let's say a year and a half ago, you would've hated this tequila.

- Yeah, absolutely!

- I dig it to 9 for me.

- All right! And I like it, but like I said, this is just not quite my flavor profile, so I'm going to give it like a 7.

- 9 and a 7.

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