Tijuana Speedball Cocktail with Acre Largo Tequila

This cocktail is called the Tijuana Speedballs from our friends at Acre Largo.

So you start off with some Acre Largo Blanco. We're going to make two of these this time, so we'll double this up.



One of the Baileys. Oh yeah. All right. And then we're going to do some Kahlúa. Great. Most of that one. Good fan. And then we're also going to do some cold brew from our friends at soma coffee house, our favorite local coffee shop.

Oh, this is hardly going to fit in. Oh, it's going to be great. Perfect. Shaker. Yeah, we're going to shake this up. Whoa. Foamy. Foamy. Yum. Strain this into these coupe glasses. Oh, that looks so good. Doesn't it? Making a huge mess.

All right. And then we're going to top both of these with just a pinch of nutmeg and a pinch of cinnamon. A little cinnamon, a little nutmeg. Smells delicious. Ooh look at this. How professional. Cheers. Cheers. All right. That's so good. This is right up your alley. This is the best cocktail we've made, isn't it?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This is, I'm a coffee drinker. Oh my God. This is a good cocktail. Yum. I'm going to drink this whole thing after we. Do you want a speed ball?

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