Using Fermentation to Change Tequila Flavors


Wow, this is so interesting. Melly Barajas makes several tequilas, including the excellent TC Craft, and she adjusts the fermentation time for each brand to alter the flavor. And because TC Craft is the most complex tequila she makes, she only makes it in the winter because fermentation is slower. Here's more of our conversation about this.

It's so great to be here. You make several brands of tequila here, uh, and the way you differentiate between the brand in many cases is in fermentation. I'd love for you to describe how that works.

Your question is very interesting, Jay. No one has ever asked me that question. We make the tequila the same, but we differentiate each brand in the fermentation. For me, the fermentation is the magic, complete magic. And in the distillation process, we make cuts for each brand. For of each the brand, we do more distillation time, and others less, depending on the aromas and flavors we want to obtain from each one.

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