Valentine's Day Tequila and Chocolate Pairings

Here's the guide you need to match tequila with your Valentine's candy.

The Valentine's Day boxes have a bunch of different kinds of chocolate, and which tequila goes with which chocolate. So if it's a milk chocolate, and it doesn't have any kind of caramel or maple or whatever, go with a Reposado.

G4 Repo is what we chose.

If it's milk chocolate, and it does include like a caramel or a maple, something like that, then an Añejo is the best choice.

This Insolito is the one that we chose for that. And then if it's got maple or coconutty characteristics, and it's dark chocolate, an Extra Añejo would be perfect.

Tepozan on would be a nice batch for that one.

And then if it has coffee of any sort in it, we would definitely recommend this one.

The Quintaliza, which is actually aged in coffee barrels. We wish you could just have one tequila with your box of chocolates, but you can't. You have to have all the tequilas with your box of chocolates.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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