Valor Blanco Tequila Review

Should you buy this new high-end Blanco from a female-owned brand?

Valor Blanco!

Valor Blanco made at 1599 in the Valley. Same folks that make Atanasio.



 Additive-free. They're only making Blancos for now, which is cool. 42% ABV, so a little higher. $120 or so. You can check it out link in my bio. And tons and tons of give-backs to the community really big focus on sustainability, love how they're running their company. So nice job, Valor.

Awesome. Oh, that is not my favorite smell.

That's too cheesy for you, isn't it?

It's very cheesy. Yeah, smells like a charcuterie board. Ooh, that's really easy drinking. Like, really easy.

Yeah, for 42%, that is a scary, easy drink in tequila. I think they've got to be running this through some oxygenation because that is smooth. A little minty on the end, which I don't dislike. It definitely has some spearmint character, a little vegetal character. Not a ton of pepper, for sure, but...


That is nice.

So I really like this, the taste of this.

I think they're on to something here, and I love how they're running their business, as I said. So, nice job by Valor. I give this one an 8.

Okay. I'm going to give it a 7 solely because I can't quite get over the smell, but the taste is really nice.

There you go. Well, I know what you can do next time. There you go. Love it. Valor 8 and 7.


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