Volcan Blanco Tequila Review

Should you buy this new high-end blanco from Louis Vuitton?

This is the Volcan de mi Tierra. This is from the Valley in Tequila. This is a Mexican proof 38% bottle that they gave me in a recent visit, NOM 1523.



Yeah, partnership with Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessy. Let's give this a shot. These guys do an interesting product, a lot of blending.

Some of this is tahona, some of this is roller mill, they're just really an interesting distilling mixture of yeast as well, they're trying to come up with a new formula, let's see. All right. Ooh, that's nice. It's got a nice note. Yeah. A little spearminty. A tiny bit, yeah. Yeah, I like this a lot. Ooh. Gravelly.

Minty, again. That's really smooth. Yeah. I like that. Very, very nice on the finish. Wow. Yeah. This is solid. You can go to my bio for a link to find this. The Blanco 55, 60, something like that I would say. I'm a fan. I like this, especially for a blanco. Mm hmm. I think it's really good. It goes down easy and yeah, I like the little minty.

The minty eucalyptus character is very noticeable here. I personally prefer a little more black pepper than what this exhibits, but this is a good offering for sure. Nice job by our friends at Volcan. I'm going to go 8. All right. I'm going to go 8, too, actually. Very good. Nice. Keep on the lookout for this one, the Volcan de mi Tierra.

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