What Tequila Makes the Best Ranch Water?

Have you ever wondered this?

What's the best tequila for a ranch water?

And usually it's made with blanco tequila.

But maybe that's not the best option. So we're going to put it to the test for you right now.

We're going to use El Bandido Yankee. We're going to make one ranch water with a blanco, one with their reposado.


And then one with their añejo tequila. Tasty!

That's your classic, classic guy right there. Okay. Yep, good.

Oh, you can taste a difference.

Oh yeah!

Yeah! It's definitely rounder.

Yeah, I actually like that.

I do, too. Interesting. Okay!


That's good, but I think my favorite is actually the Reposado.

I think the Reposado is maybe a new thought. Most people always use blanco, so hey, next time you're making a ranch water, especially when it warms up, give it a try with the Reposado and give the El Bandido Yankee a try too.

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