What Tequila to Buy in Las Vegas

Let's go Tequila Shopping at Lee's Liquor in Las Vegas, they have an enormous selection of tequila, two full aisles, plus a giant case with some great high-end bottles. I'm going to give myself a $200 budget. Let's see what I can get. Okay. For my $200, I'm going to get four bottles here first.

The Corrido Reposado, one of my favorites for $59. All time classic Tapatio Blanco, $43. The G4 Blanco for $52. Inexpensive, easy to drink for $46 the El Bandido Yankee Reposado.

So many great choices here at Lee's Liquors. For you Vegas residents or Vegas visitors, go to TheVegasTequila.com and I'll give you a list of all the brands I recommend here at Lee's.

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