What Tequila to Buy in Nashville, TN

I am in Nashville. Let's see what they got at Cork Dorks.

I give myself four bottles, four bottles here I picked out. They got a great selection here, by the way. The Cazcanes No 10, still strength. This thing is a barn burner. One of the best high-proof blancos ever in my estimation. Got to get one of those. My pals at Authentico. This is a new brand in Nashville.

This Reposado was super light. It's almost like a Blanco Plus. This is only like $40 or so. That's a good price for sure. Also, TC Craft, actually Nashville-owned company. Their Añejo is really, really nice. And this is only like $57 for an Añejo, which is a smoking deal in this market. Really tasty too. Get one of those. And then you don't see it very much anymore, they got six of them, at least here, the Cascahuin Tahona.

Like, oh, in my heart, one of the all-time Great Blancos. Love this. Get this every time I can find it right here at Cork Dorks Nashville. If you want my list of all the great tequilas right here at Cork Dorks. All the tequilas I recommend, go to TheNashvilleTequila.com. TheNashvilleTequila.com.

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