When Will Tequila Prices Drop?

When will the price of tequila go down? Agave prices reached record highs earlier this year. Now, though, due to massive increases in volume of agave planted, the price of tequila's main ingredient is collapsing. Agave prices on the market have dropped by as much as 80% recently. When will those price drops get passed on to you?


Well, not very soon. Tequila producers, importers, distributors, and retailers have been shown what we are willing to pay, so they're probably not going to unilaterally drop the price. And in fairness, costs for transportation, and glass bottles, corks, and all that are all pretty high still. Now, there may be some tequila price drops on the way, but if they are, they're likely to be based on massive competition, so many tequila brands, and jockeying for space on retail shelves, more so than just passing along agave price drops to you. I'm sorry for the bad news, but tequila prices are likely to stay high for at least the next year. I'm tequila teacher Jay Baer. Stay tuned for more tequila info.


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