Why Do Bars Have Bad Tequila Selection?

Why do so many bars have such bad tequila?

It doesn't make any sense why the tequila is so bad given the fact that cocktail sales are up 6%.

6% versus last year overall.

In the US.

And okay, check this out. 34% of all cocktails in the US are made with tequila, 34%, vodka's second 28%.

And the margarita has been the most popular cocktail since 2016.

Which is probably when you started drinking margarita.

Yep. That's right, yep.

So you're responsible. You're responsible for the popularity. It's always been your favorite. It's true. It is been true. Second is, Martini weirdly gross. Third is Moscow Mule. Okay, so if one in three cocktails are made with tequila and the margarita is by far the most popular cocktail, we really like these RTDs, by the way, from these guys, from Mission Craft. They're delicious. Like, what's the excuse then for having terrible tequila?

I really don't know.

It's not like there's a shortage of tequila brands.


Bars, figure it out, you're making me mad.

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