Yeyo Tequila Reposado Single Barrel

This tequila was aged in rum barrels. Is this pirate juice plunder or a blunder?

This is Yéyo Reposado, single barrel.

Yéyo, one of our favorite Blancos, they took the Blanco, made at NOM 1414. Put it in barrels that had previously held Colombian rum. 


12 single barrels, I believe, from this one's from Keg N Bottle and our friend Rob Gerard from the Tequila Collective.

This is like 80, something like that. It smells tropical. I feel like I'm on a beach. Fruity. I feel like it smells a little bit like banana right here, actually. Additive free of course on this tequilas. Well also, this is aged 11 months, so pretty, pretty long for Reposado.

Juicy Fruit gum, fruit striped gum. Yeah, I'd really dig it. I kind of want to...


Ooh. I love the way that finishes.

That's tasty.

You get a little coconut on this, don't you?

Uhhuh coconut.


I for sure taste banana. Like a little bit of banana.

Absolutely. Maybe like a little bit of a tropical fruit, like a papaya maybe, or something like that.

Instead of rum. Mix some of this in with your piña coladas.

Abs... oh my God. Now you're..

They're doing another batch of this at the end of the year, early next year. Doing 29 barrels next time. So there'll be more of this available. You can still get this specific one at Keg N Bottle online. Go to my bio and we'll have a link to it. If you want to buy it. I would definitely buy this one.

I'm a fan. I go 9. I Love a 9. I know I've been very often. I like it. I like it a lot. Well, it's so different, right. And I like to reward people doing something different.

Yeah. All right. I liked it. I'm going to give it a 7, maybe 7 1/2. It's like growing on me a little bit each time I drink it, but it's pretty tasty. Good work.


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