6 Father's Day Tequila Gifts


6 great tequila gifts for Father's Day. The Spirit Co tequila and Mezcal Flight set.

12 bottles. Super cool. Look for our bio for the link.

Yep. Also Rodeo de Las Aguas. 5 year, I think. Yep. Extra añejo. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. This Corrido añejo. Delicious. And affordable.

Yes. For any dads out there who like coffee, this new high-proof Quintaliza reposado, aged in coffee barrels. Ridiculous and really distinctive.

Yep. We've been selling these like crazy on our site. We can barely keep them in stock. These set of six agave shot glasses, so cute. So cute. So cute. And also new to our store. The Aged & Ore Tequila Jay Baer travel set. You get four of these glass containers that you can put your different tequilas in.

And check this out. TSA-approved, baby. You can bring it in your carry-on. How amazing is that? It's great. Go to the bio to get links to all these awesome things and Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

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