Best Job Ever? Professional Tequila Tasters!

This is maybe the best tequila job ever. You might not know this, but tequila producers almost always blend their batches, right? They mix production runs and barrels together to keep color and flavor consistent over time. But how do they actually do that? Like you've got a tequila brand that needs to release 20,000 bottles of reposado drawn from more than 100 individual barrels.


How do you make sure that this batch tastes like the last batch when the tequila was made from different fields of agave and at different times of the year? Well, at Siete Leguas, they have an in-house tasting panel that does this job every day. Seven people meet in the morning and taste every single batch of tequila to make sure that the profile stays consistent.

The tasting panel is drawn from different departments in the company, people who have exceptional sense, memories, of course. And this part blew me away when I heard about it. They make these decisions 70% based on aroma and just 30% on flavor. So why is this bottle of Siete Leguas similar in color, flavor, et cetera, to the one I bought last time?

Because of the hard work every day of seven very lucky people. Think you could do that job? Let me know in the comments.


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