DIY Joven Tequila

Ready to experiment? We're going to try to make our own...


Okay, so Joven is any Blanco tequila with aged tequila added to it.



And you see more and more brands making a Joven for a couple reasons. One, you can charge a little bit more. And two, because of the older tequila in it, it makes it a little smoother, sweeter, easier to drink, et cetera. So we're like...

Why don't we make our own?

We've got the Siete Leguas Blanco and the Siete Leguas Añejo. Start with the just straight Blanco.


Straight Blanco to see... The reference. Reference taste. I made a little weird face there.

Yeah, you did!

It's so good. It's so good! All right, give me one of those.


Let's see.

So this is a little bit. Right? You saw her do it. Blanco with a little Añejo. Give it a little swirly swirl. Cheers!

Okay. Cheers.

You can taste a difference.

For sure! Yeah. It's still very blanco forward because of obviously the ratio.


But it does add a little more roundness to it.

Yeah. Sweetness for sure. It's interesting.





Like if you're going to do, I don't know, Paloma or Margarita, like maybe a few drops of this. Let's try with more. Is that like a 50-50, something like that almost?





Give it a little swirly. I'm excited about this. I'm kind of nerding out on this. It actually smells different even.

It does smell different. It's actually pretty good. This is like a much less expensive way to make your...


Uh-huh! Make it taste more expensive.

I like this plan. Which one do you like the best of the three?

Maybe the middle one.

Me too!




I think this one is a little confused.


It's not quite smooth.

Yeah. And we didn't mix...

It's good!

We didn't mix it, mix it, we didn't like blend it or whatever, but this almost feels like two tequilas in a glass, which it is. The one I think is the best is just a few drops.

Yeah. No, I agree completely. Yeah!

New trend!

Lets go!

New trend! Siete Leguas is always a good choice.


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