Don Vicente Reposado Review

Is this another winner from El Pandillo? Don Vicente Reposado.

Don Vicente Reposado additive free, $60, just a few months in used oak. You can see how light this is for a Reposado like you can barely, hardly any color to it. 



And they also oxygenate this. They pump some oxygen to soften it up. Okay. That smells really nice. Beautiful smell. All the tequilas from 1579 have that incredible like Agave forward sweet but also soil. I want this as a candle. Ooh. That's juicy in the mouth. Yeah. There's a little pepper. For sure. Yeah, but it's still pretty sweet. That's yummy. Oh yeah. It's got a lot of sweetness on the back end and it is very chewy in the mouth. It's got a lot of viscosity to it. I said juicy, almost like like juicy fruit gum in a tequila is kind of my read on this. I like this a lot. if you don't like Reposados that have a lot of like butterscotch, cinnamon, caramel, this is it. This is essentially Blanco plus, right? That's pretty much where we're at here. I dig it. I was going to say this is like probably your type of Reposado. Totally my jam. A hundred percent. Yeah. I'm going to give this a seven. I normally like something a tiny bit sweeter but it's still really solid. A little more wood for you. Yep. I am super into it. I'm going nueve. 

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