Inspiro x FrutaPop Tequila Popsicle Review

Are these the best tequila popsicles ever? Might be. Inspiro did a collab with FrutaPOP.

I love it. You see more and more of these like boozy popsicles around, but a lot of them are kind of crap actually.



But this is definitely a high-end Inspiro, great brand additive-free tequila, 5% ABV on these. So perhaps, two flavors, right? Which yours?

Mine is Windy City Watermelon.

And this is Coconut Bliss.


All right, let's give these a shot.

Okay. Ooh.

That's got legit coconut in it.

Yeah. Mine taste really watermelony. It's really yummy.

Yeah. This is, wow! This is the best tequila popsicle I've ever had.

Yeah, I mean its true.


Oh my gosh. Yum.

These are $5 each, but if you go to my bio, we got a link there. You can save 10%. Switch me.


This is really good.

Yeah. Really good Inspiro, yeah.

For the pop. Mmm.

Oh wow! You're not kidding.


That's very watermelony. Yeah. This is dangerous though because the presence of the tequila in here is..

I know, you can hardly taste it.

Yeah. I could eat approximately 113 of these in the next 10 minutes. It is... oh my God.

Popsicle eating contest.

At the beach.

In the pool.


FrutaPOP Inspiro. Grab one. Link in my bio. Happy Summer.


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