La Pulga Reposado Tequila Review

Deep in the heart of Texas. This is a new tequila brand straight from Fort Worth. Does it deserve a Texas star? Let's find out! This is La Pulga, which actually means the flea, which is hilarious.

This was conceived in the Fort Worth flea market. This Reposado is aged for seven months and is additive-free. Yeah! It's about $58, something like that, on their website. Yeah, it's really classic. The whole thing is really cool. Oh yeah! This is their NOM. I love it! Nice packaging. I love it. Let's give it a shot. All right! Mmm. It's a little sweet, but very pleasant. Smells delicious. I know. I knew you were going to love it. Nice balance! I really like that. It's got that kind of baking spice, cinnamon, really easy drinking, but you can tell you're drinking tequila. It's got a little... It's got a little oomph to it. I like it. Yeah. I love this a lot. I dig it. I'm going to go 8 for the La Pulga. And I'm going to give it a 9. What??? I know. Look out. Is that the highest reposado you've ever? That might be. It's really good. La Pulga, check it out!

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