March Sadness - Which Tequila is the WORST? Round 2

Which of these is worse? It's March Sadness, the Bad Tequila Playoffs.



This is the Beam Suntory division matching up Sauza against Hornitos. Okay. You know what, actually didn't hate that one. Like not amazing, but like... Yeah! Mmm. That's vanilla on the... Yeah, it is. ...on the jump. That's very sugar cookie. Wow! Pepper and earthy.

Yeah! Like... Not what I was expecting because it smelled like vanilla. That's a weird tequila. That's like two tequilas in one. I think I like the first one better. I would agree. Just because it feels... This is like not very harmonious. Exactly. There we go. Ohh! Hornitos.

This will be fun. It's the Celebrity division. The Celebrity division. 818 versus Teremana. Celebrities. That's not terrible. No, it's not at all. Not at all, actually. Yeah! Okay. Yeah! All right! Sweet. Mm-Hmm. I know which one this is. That's a cotton candy action right there. Oh! It's straight vanilla. That's the worst. It's not even vanilla. It's perfume.

That's... That's the worst one, for sure. For sure! Far and away in this bracket, the worst was 818. All right! In this bracket, the 818 and the Hornitos were the worst. So they are moving on.

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