March Sadness - Which Tequila is the WORST? Round 3

Which of these do we dislike more?



Well, all of them, but some more than others. Yeah. This is the semi-finals of March Sadness, the bad tequila playoffs. In semi-final #1, a big matchup of popular tequilas. We've got Casamigos and Jose Cuervo.

It's alcohol. It's just booze. This could be like a thick vodka. Sweet. Birthday cake. It is birthday cake. That's a good call. No, bro. That's a hard pass. That's worse. Yeah, it's less tequila tasting than the first one. And the first one tastes more like vodka, but this is worse. Whatever this is, that's the worst one.

This is blind. We're not making this up. We're not trying to make a point here or doing this for like, like, shares, views. Casamigos is worse than Jose Cuervo Tradicional . It moves on to the finals. We've got the 818 versus the Hornitos.

You're so excited to work here. Yeah, this is awesome. That's just weird. It's pretty sweet. It finishes really sweet. Okay. That smells like perfume. Oh! Because it's pepper. Yep. Earth. Yep. This is tricky. I think this is better. It's pretty freaking close. No, I mean, the other one's just like sweet. Mm-Hmm.

The candy. The candy juice. Well, I would be less likely to drink this one. I think this is the worst one. In a bit of an upset, Hornitos, worse than 818, mostly according to Maddie. So Hornitos is going to the finals against Casamigos. Tune in for the finals of March Sadness.

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