Number Juan, Juan in a Million Tequila Review

This is a $500 tequila owned by comedians. Is this funny or fantastic?

What is it? Number Juan, Juan in a million. Really cool box presentation. Talked about the brand history.



Owned by two famous comedians Ron White and Alex Reymundo. This Number Juan, Juan in a Million Extra Añejo is age nine and a half years.

Wow. Only 3000 bottles of this made. So it's super limited edition. That is a nice smell. It really is. And it's not overly sweet and cloying and you think with that much barrel contact, it would get kind of over the top vanilla-ey butterscotch-ey. Yeah. But it's super in balance still. That's surprisingly dry.

Yeah, that is really good. It's not overly sweet at all, but it still does have a little bit of that sweetness just from being aged. Yeah, they did a nice job preserving agave character after like a decade. This has got to be one of my favorite Extra Añejos out there, I have to say.

I completely agree. If it wasn't $500, I would probably splurge and buy it. Like if it was. Look at you go. More of my price range. You could splurge one of these shirts that we're selling at There you go. I really like this. It is super well balanced. It's a nine for me. It's really nicely done. Yeah. I dig it. All right. I'm giving it an eight. I really liked it too. Good work.

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