Tequila Made 100% by Women


All right. I am here with Melly Barajas at her amazing distillery. It's something that
I'm interested in as a young woman is that everybody that works here is a female. I'm wondering why that was so important to you and how you made that happen.

You know, it wasn't on purpose. When I opened for business, I put up the now-hiring signage. I didn't request men or women. But, Valle de Guadalupe is a small town where most of the men go to the United States in search of new opportunities. This is why most of the applicants were women, all women. I was like oh my God! what's going to happen? All women. So really we had to teach ourselves to do everything that men do. So, it wasn't on purpose at first. Then, seeing how they work, to see the heart they put into the things they do, the energy, everything that a woman is. From that moment on, all women.

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