What Tequila Should You Buy at Kroger?

What do you do if you got to get your tequila at a grocery store?

We certainly prefer you get an independent, liquor retailer, but sometimes grocery stores, what you got?



We're here at Kroger. So Maddie, what would you do? Let's go about $50 budget. What would you get here? Okay. Not a ton of options, but I think I would probably go with this El Tesoro Blanco for $39.

Or if I was going to put it in a mixer, I would probably do this Altos Tequila Blanco. And I would grab some Q mixers. Great picks. I am going to go over here at a different section of the store with this Hiatus, a relatively new brand based in New York City, but distributed here in Indiana, like these guys quite a bit.

This is $49. And then maybe if we really want splurge, Maddie, we could go with the Clase Azul for $180.

Only $180. Yeah, I don't think that's probably not what we're going to do.

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