Why Are There Worms in Tequila?

Worms. Why is there a worm in tequila? Gross.

Actually, there's not, it's not a worm. It's actually an agave moth larvae. It's called a gusano de maguey. People eat it in some parts of Mexico, just like as a snack. And it's not in tequila, only Mezcal. Those moths are common in Oaxaca, where Monte Alban is made. One of the only brands that still has the worm, the larvae. It doesn't have aphrodisiac properties as has been long rumored. It's mostly just like a marketing shtick. There's no worms in tequila, never been worms in tequila. But we should still try it. Right? Great. Can't wait.

Ooh. It's really juicy. Mm-Hmm. That's not a texture that I'm eager to have again. Yeah. I mean it. Hard pass. Ew, not again.

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